Dean-Paul Stephens is a Jamaica-born writer living in North Carolina. He splits his time working as a regional watchdog reporter when he isn’t moonlighting for his website World Beet. His fiction has appeared in Fiyah Lit Magazine and, the sadly defunct, Azure Lit Magazine. Although he is currently plugging away at his first novel, you can find him slacking off on twitter @DeanPEStephens.

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FICTION by Dean-Paul Stephens in Issue 175 – April 2021

Rama I know only an irrational panic. I try to collect myself only to find my faculties are not my own but that of an internal imperative guiding my, quite incomprehensible, actions. Run a parallel diagnostic, recalibrate magnetic relay B4, load the ballistic rod, I don’t understand but feel compelled to act. An equation, the […]
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