Dennard Dayle is a fiction writer and comedian. His writing has appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Matchbook, The Hard Times, POSTblank, and various other journals and anthologies. His personal site See More Evil hosts satirical projects covered by The New York Post, AM New York, and other news sources. He has an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University and Bachelors in English from Princeton University.

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Own Goal

FICTION by Dennard Dayle in Issue 165 – June 2020

January 2Today’s Album: Crash the Colony, by Desert Tsunami I spent the first half of the day comparing caskets. I’d never organized a funeral before, but I knew the body had to go somewhere. The front-runner offered a protective layer of hand-engraved silica tiles. A good casket needed to look like it could survive reentry. […]