After leaving molecular biology, Derek Künsken worked with street kids in Central America before finding himself in the Canadian foreign service. He now writes science fiction in Gatineau, Quebec. His space opera heist novels The Quantum Magician and The Quantum Garden were published by Solaris Books. The first was a finalist for the Aurora, the Locus and the Chinese Nebula Awards. Solaris will also be releasing his “Godfather in the clouds of Venus” novel The House of Styx in August, 2020. He also writes a fun girl-jetpack-Flash Gordon adventure comic called Briarworld at


Derek Künsken has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Time Reveals the Heart

FICTION by Derek Künsken in Issue 162 – March 2020

Guo Lěi mounted the stairs to his mother’s apartment at seven in the morning. He hadn’t visited in two weeks; he never knew what he would find. It was early, but he had a launch today, maybe several, and no matter what, he tried to see his mother before every launch, just in case. When […]

The Ghosts of Ganymede

FICTION by Derek Künsken in Issue 148 – January 2019

The cracked, blasted surface of Ganymede came into focus outside the portholes, assuming three-dimensional texture and relief. Jupiter’s yellow-orange planet-shine gave way to the white glare of the lander’s spotlights and the scatter of light within cold jets blowing dust and pebbles and chunks of ice away. Even in the low gravity, the landing jarred, […]