Dominic Green was born some time ago. He remembers when telephones were attached to the wall with cables. As a child, he was lied to by magazines that told him he would be living on the Moon in the year 2000 wearing silver rocket boots. People have been publishing science fiction by him since 1996, ha! The fools. In 2006, he was nominated for a Hugo Award for his story, “The Clockwork Atom Bomb.” Nowadays, he writes children’s science fiction ebooks (in particular the six-book Ant and Cleo series, available on Amazon). He is married with three cats and a seventeen-week-old Newfoundland puppy who greatly resembles a cartoon bear.


Dominic Green has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Shining Armor

REPRINT FICTION by Dominic Green in Issue 91 – April 2014

It was close to dawn. The sun was a sliver of brilliance just visible over the mass of canyons on the western horizon. There was no reason why the direction the sun rose in should not be arbitrarily defined as East; the only reason why the sun rose in the West on this planet was […]