E. C. Ambrose is the author of “The Dark Apostle” historical fantasy series about a medieval barber surgeon to start in July 2013 with Elisha Barber from DAW books. E. C. blogs about history, fantasy and writing at www.wordpress.com/ecambrose and can also be found on twitter @ecambrose. E. C. spends too much time in a tiny office in New England with a mournful black lab lurking under the desk.


E. C. Ambrose has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Another Word: Spoiler Alert!

NON-FICTION by E. C. Ambrose in Issue 76 – January 2013

How would you feel if someone revealed the ending of a story before you’d read it? Most of us say we’d be angry. We have even established protocols to prevent having a story “spoiled,” and the term “spoiler alert” has entered common parlance. So recent research like the study at the University of California at […]

The Romance of Ruins

NON-FICTION by E. C. Ambrose in Issue 66 – March 2012

Little excites our sense of adventure more than an attractive ruin: a castle on a hill, a vine-clutched pyramid, a masonry wall sheltered in a natural cave. Ruins appear in a variety of roles in the fantasy tale—and it's rare indeed to find a fantasy without them. Some are indelible settings for pivotal scenes, like […]