E. Catherine Tobler is a Sturgeon Award finalist and editor at Shimmer Magazine.


E. Catherine Tobler has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 128 – May 2017

In the Tank, they show Bishop the spider. It’s the worst thing she’s ever seen; she thought spiders were bad enough when they were an inch long, but this is five inches, orange, triangular, and glossy-wet under the lights. It has pincers like a scorpion, legs like pistons. The spider launches itself at Bishop without […]


FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 117 – June 2016

As with most things, it started small. In the center of my vision, I perceived the virus as a pinprick of white light. The program was instantly distinguishable because of its color, colors being significant—green was good and red dangerous; white indicated something not entirely understood. I tried to quarantine the unidentified program, but it […]

The Abduction of Europa

FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 112 – January 2016

BOLAJI Everything blurs. This morning, I thought it was the condensation of my breath upon the helmet’s convex interior, but it’s something else. Deep space shapes our eyes in ways unknown. Under this pressure, Europa is hazy, distant water plumes fogging the horizon, but closer too, and I think there is an undiscovered crevasse. We […]

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled (Third Sound Remix)

FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 105 – June 2015

In the still of the night, there is the voice. Am I awake? It is not a voice as I know voices; it doesn’t speak in words, but in vibrations, audio frequencies penetrating the space which enfolds it (the siren, the woman trapped). It is the sound of a remembered heartbeat, muffled and moving through […]

Pithing Needle

FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 97 – October 2014

We have run toward enough danger to understand this is unique, this conflict will change everything we know. It will change the Nessik, too, but we don’t care about them in this moment, because hundreds of thousands of their young are— Are eating our— Blackout. We came together, armed, prepared, and yet not. They sent […]

Migratory Patterns of Underground Birds

FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 92 – May 2014

They say everything in the world has been discovered. They are wrong. Finding the bodies used to be troubling; it’s worse when the bunkers turn empty, the bodies taken. The land is filled with bunkers, dark wombs carved into the earth, reinforced with stone, brick, bars. They kept us in small spaces, but we expanded […]

(R + D) /I = M

FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 80 – May 2013

Grapes grew differently on Mars and no one minded. This trespass was for science, ask anyone. Perhaps they shouldn’t have grown at all, but they did, into oblong coils that turned the color of copper under the days of long, if distant, sunshine. We found they were best at night, when they froze into slush. […]

(To See the Other) Whole Against the Sky

FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 74 – November 2012

Close your eyes. As you travel farther away from me, your ship becoming little more than a pinprick of light amid infinite pinpricks of light, I want you to remember me as I was the first time you saw me, in the field. The day I glowed. All right, it was an interface malfunction, but […]

You Were She Who Abode

FICTION by E. Catherine Tobler in Issue 69 – June 2012

Cardee Findar dreams, but she’s wide awake. She’s in the warzone, ashen walls rising around her in broken lines, but buttercream paint seeps through the gray. The pale yellow carries with it the scent of spring, a slice of blue sky, the slow curl of white curtains into a sunlit room. This place is far […]
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