E. Lily Yu received the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2012 and the Gar LaSalle Storyteller Award in 2017. Her stories have appeared in venues from McSweeney’s to F&SF, including seven best-of-the-year anthologies, and been finalists for the Hugo, Nebula, Locus, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards. Recent work appears in Hazlitt and Tor.com.


E. Lily Yu has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The No-One Girl and the Flower of the Farther Shore

FICTION by E. Lily Yu in Issue 138 – March 2018

Once there grew, in the dust and mud of a village in China, a girl who had only her grandmother to love, and then her grandmother died and was buried and she had no one at all. With no money to patch up the walls and lay new tiles on the roof, the small, smoky […]

Daedalum, the Devil’s Wheel

FICTION by E. Lily Yu in Issue 87 – December 2013

Sit down, sit. You’ll hurt yourself jumping around like that. No, don’t shout. Quiet studio on a quiet night—a rare thing. Why ruin it? Come from? Difficult question. I was there in the city of Shahr-e-Sukhteh when a potter glazed his bowl with a leaping goat. I was there when Ting Huan painted animals onto […]

The Urashima Effect

FICTION by E. Lily Yu in Issue 81 – June 2013

Leo Aoki awoke with a shudder in the cold green bubble of the ship, nauseated and convinced that he was suffocating. He shoved his way out of the sleep spindle, found his balance, ran his hands through his sweaty hair, checked his bones: all unbroken. Well, then. There was a snaking black tube cuffed to […]

The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees

FICTION by E. Lily Yu in Issue 55 – April 2011

For longer than anyone could remember, the village of Yiwei had worn, in its orchards and under its eaves, clay-colored globes of paper that hissed and fizzed with wasps. The villagers maintained an uneasy peace with their neighbors for many years, exercising inimitable tact and circumspection. But it all ended the day a boy, digging […]
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