E. N. Díaz is a Mexican non-binary author of speculative fiction. Their short story “Mamá Chayo’s Magic Lesson” can be found in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Their work focuses on people not often center spot in this type of fiction. They are often inspired by the members of their family and the stories told by them of fantastic occurrences in everyday life. It is just a family fact that one of their great-aunts used to box with a bear in a family circus. They write in both English and Spanish.


E. N. Díaz has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Just One Step, and Then the Next

FICTION by E. N. Díaz in Issue 183 – December 2021

Doña Chuy was sitting in her living room, the heavy smell of the summer rains wafting in through the open door. She hated that smell, but the house was too warm, and her air conditioner no longer worked, so she had to leave windows and doors open to keep it cool. She didn’t worry about […]
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