Elaine Gao is currently a junior at an Oklahoma high school and moved to the US with her family almost four years ago. Her passion for reading young adult fiction sparked her interest in a writing career. Whenever she has time, she fills it by writing poetry, short stories, and even novels. Elaine is currently in the final stages of publishing her first novel, The Oracle.

Elaine Gao has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Coding Van Gogh

FICTION by Elaine Gao in Issue 193 – October 2022

A paintbrush, still dipped in Prussian blue, dissolved into a stream of code. Tara peeked at the 0s and 1s snaking up her wired arms, dimly illuminating the very human veins underneath. Her eyes shut. Starry Night. Violently controlled waves, tamed only by the canvas, cupped in its palms—gold, amber, and rusted orange wheels, stuck […]