Eliane Boey is a Singaporean Chinese novelist and short story author. She writes speculative, horror, and contemporary fiction, and has writing published and forthcoming in the Mekong Review, and the Penn Review. Eliane has an MLitt in Philosophy from the University of St Andrews, and is working on her debut novel. She can be found on Twitter @elianeboey, mostly posting GIFs of ’90s films you wish you’d forget. (Preferred pronouns: she/they)

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Eliane Boey has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Forgotten

FICTION by Eliane Boey in Issue 190 – July 2022

It was the cockroach from the crack in the bathroom wall, tapping a defiant dance on my haptic suit, that made me pull up Sociable, to post a comment to my Constituency Administrator. I’d killed the damned thing yesterday, watched it kick its hairy legs in the air. Yet somehow, life asserts itself, and accepts […]
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