Nine of Emily’s novels were published in the U.S. By NAL/Roc, under three pen names. She has also been published in the U.K., Italy, Israel, and China. Her novels are Shade, Larissa, Scorpianne, EggHeads, The Kronos Condition, GodHeads, Broken Time (which was nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award), Belarus, and Enemies. Her new novels, The Night Shifters and Spirits of Glory are in ebook form on Amazon, Smashwords, etc.

Her short stories were published in Asimov’s SF Magazine, the Full Spectrum anthology, The Mammoth Book of Kaiju, Uncanny, Cicada, Science Fiction World, Clarkesworld, and Aboriginal SF, whose readers voted her a Boomerang Award.


Emily Devenport has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Now is the Hour

FICTION by Emily Devenport in Issue 119 – August 2016

We never had good luck with money, except for that one time. And that didn’t end well, so you could say we had no good luck with it at all. But we had plenty of hope. Or I did, anyway, and I was good at talking other people into having it. “Don’t be ashamed of […]

The Servant

FICTION by Emily Devenport in Issue 107 – August 2015

ONE Lock 212 My name is Oichi Angelis, and I am a worm. I exist in the outer skin of the Generation Ship Olympia, and I spend most of my time squeezing through its utility tunnels, doing work for the Executives. I am partially deaf, dumb, and blind. That I am not entirely so is […]

Another Word: Hipsters of Zombieland

NON-FICTION by Emily Devenport in Issue 107 – August 2015

Even before Night of the Living Dead was released, zombies had their fans—and I was not one of them. Not even when I was nine years old. At that age I wouldn’t have told you that the nihilistic tone of that movie (and many of the ones that followed) really turned me off; I would […]

Postcards From Monster Island

FICTION by Emily Devenport in Issue 103 – April 2015

Sometimes people ask me, “Why didn’t you run?” “Because I had the Martian Death Flu,” I tell them. They look at me funny because they’ve seen the footage of people clogging the roads, and the subways and trains, desperate to get out of town the day he waded ashore. I wasn’t in that crowd. I […]
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