Eric Brown began writing when he was fifteen and sold his first short story to Interzone in 1986. He has won the British Science Fiction Award twice for his short stories and has published over thirty-five books. His latest includes the novel Engineman and, due out in December, Guardians of the Phoenix. He writes a monthly science fiction review column for the Guardian newspaper. He lives near Cambridge, England.


Eric Brown has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Laying the Ghost

FICTION by Eric Brown in Issue 49 – October 2010

We were winding down after coming in from Aldebaran with a haul of starship wreckage. I’d sold the scrap en route and left it in geo-sync orbit above Constance, Altair III, for the merchant to collect. The funds were already in my account and I was treating Ella and Karrie to a meal and a […]