Eric Witchey’s fiction has appeared nationally and internationally in magazines and anthologies. He has published in multiple genres under several names. His how-to articles have appeared in The Writer Magazine, Writer’s Digest Magazine, Writer’s Northwest Magazine, Northwest Ink, and in a number of on-line publications. His fiction has won recognition from Writers of The Future, New Century Writers, Writer’s Digest, and When not teaching or writing, he restores antique HO locomotives or tosses bits of feather and pointy wire at laughing trout.


Eric M. Witchey has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Can You See Me Now?

FICTION by Eric M. Witchey in Issue 24 – September 2008

Two miles of sea water overhead pretty well filtered out the ill effects of sunlight and mankind. Alone in her hard suit, lights on for safety, Lori’s boots settled and held in the pale, diatomaceous silt cover over the San Bernardino Highway. Helmet speakers trickled distant Vivaldi into her ears, and her feeder tube pumped […]
Best Science Fiction of the Year