Erzebet YellowBoy was born in America, but now lives in a tumbledown cottage in rural France with her husband and a posse of wild cats. She is the co-founder and long-time editor of Cabinet des Fees, an online journal of fairy tales, and the founder of Papaveria Press, a micro-press specializing in hand bound, limited editions of mythic prose and poetry. Her work has appeared in Fantasy Magazine, Not One Of Us, Electric Velocipede, and Behind the Wainscott, and in the anthologies Japanese Dreams (Lethe Press 2009), Running with the Pack (Prime Books 2010), and Haunted Legends (Tor 2011). Her novel Sleeping Helena was released by Prime Books in 2010. Erzebet is also an artist and a bookbinder.


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FICTION by Erzebet YellowBoy in Issue 77 – February 2013

It starts how it always starts, with a kiss on the cheek, goodbye. All my life my mother had pushed for this, and now here we are. I look down and see her scalp through her thinning gray hair. Her hands are spotted, the veins are blue and raised, and the knuckles are swollen and […]