Felix Rose Kawitzky is an illustrator, researcher, and game designer. They are a PhD candidate at the University of York in the School of Arts and Creative Technologies, exploring links between queer speculative fiction, collective storytelling, and tabletop roleplaying games. They have an undergraduate degree in Fine Art, and a Master’s in Theatre Making from the University of Cape Town. They have facilitated world-building and character creation workshops (IMT Gallery’s I am a Not Me, 2020, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, 2021), and presented papers at conferences such as Trans Studies, Trans Lives (UCL, 2019), Productive Futures: The Political Economy of Science Fiction (Birkbeck, 2019), and Current Research in Speculative Fiction, (University of Liverpool, 2018). Their essay “Magic Circles: Tabletop Roleplaying Games as Queer Utopian Method” was published in Performance Research (Training Utopias) in 2021.


Felix Rose Kawitzky has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by Felix Rose Kawitzky in Issue 196 – January 2023

For Vera Florence Cooper RubinAstronomer, pioneer in the discovery of Dark Matter and the “Galaxy Rotation Problem” [Transcript of the inaugural LOUOU mission launch press briefing, delivered by Dr. Florence Maxwell-Rubin, Codirector, VRMT] Published in The Solar Citizen, 2180:34 (3). The Vera Rubin Memorial Trust is thrilled to host the launch of the Large Observatory […]
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