Gabriel Murray is a writer, teacher, and interactive fiction hobbyist originally from Portland, Oregon who has lived in just six U.S. states but under about twenty-one different roofs, give or take a shingle. His stories and articles have appeared in Strange Horizons, GlitterShip, Daily Science Fiction, and elsewhere. His favorite forms are the novel and the Inform parser text game, due to his affection for maddening and drawn-out labor.

Gabriel Murray has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Appointment in Vienna

FICTION by Gabriel Murray in Issue 159 – December 2019

I want the two images from Kraków to be first. May, love, poppet, if you outlive me and give a tinker’s damn—and I won’t hesitate to resurrect Ned Frye to harangue you if you don’t—you should remember. You do not have my permission to colorize. You do have my permission to rearrange. They were taken […]