Garth lives in Portland, Oregon with his brilliant, gorgeous wife, Katrina, and his three super-genius children: Chris, Kami, and Luken. He’s had jobs ranging from foundry drudge, bell packer, and tarantula minder to .com CEO, and has recently embarked on a guinea pig breeding project. Garth is an avid biker, refusing to remove his feet from the pedals even in the icy rain that mars the Mediterranean climate of the Pacific Northwest only six to nine months a year. This is his first sale to Clarkesworld Magazine.

Garth Upshaw has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by Garth Upshaw in Issue 20 – May 2008

I was poisoning crows the day the aliens arrived. They’re smarter than you might think—crows, not aliens—and they don’t go for any of the easy stuff anymore. I had some good roadkill, two squirrels and a raccoon, but I couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for using it. The crows would caw and peck at the […]