Gary Kloster is a writer, librarian, martial arts instructor, and stay-at-home father. Sometimes all in the same day, but seldom all at the same time. His short fiction has appeared in venues such as Apex, Clarkesworld, and Escape Pod. His first novel, Firesoul, is out now.


Gary Kloster has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by Gary Kloster in Issue 124 – January 2017

Lucy woke up, crying. The bed stirred, and warm skin pressed against her back. An arm wrapped around her, its familiar touch comforting. “What do you need?” he asked. Nothing. The word vibrated on her lips, the rest of the sentence queued up neatly behind it—just a dream. But the words wouldn’t come out. They […]

From Their Paws, We Shall Inherit

FICTION by Gary Kloster in Issue 66 – March 2012

Monkey waited until the sky over the Gulf had gone all black and empty except for a billion stars before he pulled himself back onto the sailboat. “Ceegee’s roughed your stuff,” he said, perched dripping on the rail. “They rough you too, Cesar?” I spit in the ocean. When the cutter caught me, the ceegee […]