Genevieve Valentine is a novelist (her most recent is near-future political thriller Icon) and comic book writer, including Catwoman for DC Comics. Her short fiction has appeared in over a dozen Year’s Best collections, including The Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy. Her nonfiction has appeared at the AV Club,, The Atlantic, and the New York Times.


Genevieve Valentine has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Intro to Prom

FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 133 – October 2017

1. Marine Biology Jack had promised to pick her up for fishgazing, but he’s late, and by the time he comes out of his house she’s forgotten her promise and started counting the windows. “Celandine,” he says, quietly. Disappointed. He can always tell when she’s been counting; they’ve had time to get used to each […]

Another Word: A Doom of One's Own

NON-FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 125 – February 2017

In 1965, Bantam reprinted Dave Wallis’ one-generation apocalypse, Only Lovers Left Alive. The cover was a flat, empty ground with painted figures in monochrome. A motorcycle-jacketed girl stands Bullitt-cool in the foreground, toting a rifle; a young man looms behind her in helmet and goggles. Far behind him is the rest of the gang, one […]

Everyone from Themis Sends Letters Home

FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 121 – October 2016

The water here is never going to make good bread. If I’d known, I would have requested sturdier flour—we’ll be waiting six years for the next transport pod. Agosti told me today my bread’s good for massaging the gums, like he was trying to focus on the positives. Woods threatened to arrest him anyway, which […]

Another Word: How to Clothe a Character, Using Only Star Wars References

NON-FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 114 – March 2016

What your characters are wearing matters. Of course, as a writer/artist/designer, you already know this is important. No one in an age of merchandising as intense as this one doubts the importance of character design. Your Sith Lord needs to be memorable; with any luck, they’ll be a hummus appetizer someday! By now, a century […]

Another Word: An Anxious Introvert's Guide to the Con Experience

NON-FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 106 – July 2015

1. Why are you here? You should not have come here, what were you even thinking, this is all you packed to wear and now you’re wearing it and it’s not like you can get any other clothes on such short notice so this is just what you’re stuck with and everyone is assuming this […]

Another Word: My Own Private B-Movie

NON-FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 82 – July 2013

My first B-movie was The Warriors, an action flick set in a nebulously dystopic future where New York City is ruled by gangs. During a huge meeting, messiah presumptive Cyrus is shot in the middle of a galvanizing speech. The shooter pins the crime on the nearby Warriors, a gang from Coney Island that, hopelessly […]

86, 87, 88, 89

FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 78 – March 2013

THE HOMELAND ARCHIVE WELCOMES YOU You are part of a vital effort to recover evidence of terrorist activity preceding the Raids, and on a larger scale, to preserve the heritage of a historic neighborhood of New York City. The Archive Division of the Greater New York Municipal Safety Authority has received a generous grant from […]

A Bead of Jasper, Four Small Stones

FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 73 – October 2012

There’s a cloud across Europa. Every time Henry looks out at the flat, grey disc, he tries to think what you’re meant to think: We’re almost there, soon you can breathe, it’s nearly rain. He tries. Henry knows, every time he goes out on the ice in a crawler to fix a transmitter, that he’s […]


FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 57 – June 2011

The worst thing about being a sleeper embedded somewhere long-term was that inevitably, eventually, you started to care. The worst thing about being embedded long-term as an administrator at the Svalbard Seed Vault was that when you inevitably started to care, you started to care about things like proper political geo-temperate arrangement of seeds, and […]


FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 50 – November 2010

After it was over, they pulled her from the sea. Even as they lifted her into the rescue boat she was saying, “No, no; we could have made it.” She was cradling the hand the Captain broke. The first time Marika saw the night sky, she was terrified. (Strange she wasn’t terrified sooner. They’d escaped […]


FICTION by Genevieve Valentine in Issue 35 – August 2009

The first day of fifth year a boy came in with the new eyeshields, a glossy expanse of black with no iris or pupil, and looking at him was like looking into an eclipse. All the other girls said it made them uncomfortable; they teased him to take them out, to put on some normal […]
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