Revd Gordon James Jones was born and raised in Glasgow, lived for several years in Jönköping, and now calls Orkney home. He studied in Scotland and Sweden and has a degree in Scandinavian Studies from the University of Edinburgh and a degree in Theology from the University of the West of Scotland. He undertook postgraduate study at the University of Glasgow. Gordon has been published as a translator of Swedish science fiction and fantasy. He has also been published as an author in the international journal Health and Social Care Chaplaincy and as a contributor to several NHS Scotland publications. He is currently writing a history of mid-nineteenth century Dundonian bagpipe maker John Charles Cameron.

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FICTION by Oskar Källner, translated by Gordon James Jones in Issue 188 – May 2022

Gamma stretched out through the quantum foam. Virtual photons and electrons tickled her subtime body. If she were to reduce her mass to pure quanta then, hypothetically speaking, she would be able to touch the entire universe at once. Practically speaking, she possessed barely enough energy for her subtime body to reach a diameter of […]