Grace Chan is an Aurealis and Norma K Hemming Award-nominated writer and doctor. She was born in Malaysia and lives in Australia. Her writing explores brains, minds, space, technology, and narrative identity. Her short fiction can be found in Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Space and Time Magazine, Aurealis, Andromeda Spaceways, and other places. Her debut novel, Every Version of You, will be published by Affirm Press in 2022.

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Grace Chan has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

He Leaps for the Stars, He Leaps for the Stars

FICTION by Grace Chan in Issue 178 – July 2021

Yennie’s new therapist started by checking his biorhythm recordings—sleep patterns, heart rate, blood pressure. Then, the therapist’s soma projection leaned into the space between them and asked what Yennie would like to talk about. Yennie glanced out the window. An ice storm, a froth of glassy dust, was blowing in over the bone-colored hills. He […]

Jigsaw Children

FICTION by Grace Chan in Issue 161 – February 2020

Hong Kong, China – 2098 AD I was nine when my second-mother’s mother died. Shortly before her death, Schoolteacher Shumin took me to visit her. We took the monorail and got off at the last stop, on the northern outskirts of Hong Kong. The sky was gray and low. Damp air drew beads of sweat […]