Greg Kurzawa studied theology without purpose before being handed a career in information technology. He and his incredible wife are busy building a happy family. Some people mistake him for Gage Kurricke, with whom he co-authored Gideon’s Wall.

Greg Kurzawa has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by Greg Kurzawa in Issue 83 – August 2013

The lioness ambushed Abel’s flock as he herded them down from the high pastures. Dropping soundlessly from a rocky ledge along the sheep path, she landed on a lamb not six months old. The flock scattered. Turning to confront Abel, the beast rose to her hind legs and opened her claws. Her ears lie flat, […]

Vacant Spaces

FICTION by Greg Kurzawa in Issue 77 – February 2013

Shepard ducked into the tug’s four-man cockpit, wincing at the strain on his knees. His assigned jockey for the day’s salvage was already hunched over his pre-flight checks at the console. Glancing up at Shepard’s entrance, he made a disappointed grunt before resuming his work. “Fantastic,” the jockey said. “I get the geezer.” “Hello, Caine,” […]