Harry Turtledove is an escaped Byzantine historian. He writes alternate history, other science fiction, fantasy (often historically based), and. when people let him get away with it, historical fiction. He is perhaps best known for The Guns of the South; more recent books include Joe Steele, The House of Daniel, Through Darkes Europe, and a contemporary supernatural thriller, Alpha and Omega.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Broadway maven and fellow writer Laura Frankos. They have three daughters, two granddaughters, and three over-privileged cats. Anyone looking for his annoying opinions about writing and a great many other things can find him on Twitter @HNTurtledove.

Harry Turtledove has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Yorkshire Mammoth

FICTION by Harry Turtledove in Issue 155 – August 2019

Thrsk is, or claims to be, the only town in England without a vowel to, or in, its name. People who live there say the Vikings carried it off a thousand years ago. Looking at them and listening to the Scandinavian words in their Yorkshire dialect, you may easily believe the Vikings left a lot […]