Helena Bell is an occasional poet, writer, and international traveler which means that over half of what she says is completely made up, the other half is probably made up, and the third half is about the condition of the roads. She has a BA, an MFA, a JD, and a Tax LLM which fulfills her life long dream of having more letters follow her name than are actually in it. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Shimmer Magazine, Brain Harvest, and Rattle.


Helena Bell has the following works available at Clarkesworld:


FICTION by Helena Bell in Issue 97 – October 2014

First, a mouth appears. It is four centimeters long, curved along the ridge of the old woman’s collarbone. It is lined with small nubs of flesh, which is why Ann calls it a mouth and not a slit, a laceration, a suppurative wound. From the mouth emerges a baby cthulhu: head, tentacles, wings, short arms […]

Variations on Bluebeard and Dalton’s Law Along the Event Horizon

FICTION by Helena Bell in Issue 76 – January 2013

The First Wife When I am told well, the shade of my husband’s beard is a word for longing. A robin’s egg, deep water below the coral reef, the night sky against the glow of a dying flashlight. A fooling color so I will not know his plans for me until the first door is […]


FICTION by Helena Bell in Issue 72 – September 2012

You may wash your aluminum chassis on Monday and leave it on the back porch opposite the recyclables; you may wash your titanium chassis on Friday if you promise to polish it in time for church; don't terrorize the cat; don't lose the pamphlets my husband has brought home from the hospital; they suggest I […]

All the Young Kirks and Their Good Intentions

FICTION by Helena Bell in Issue 65 – February 2012

2249 A.D. All the young Kirks in Riverside Public High School are assigned to the same Homeroom class. They sit together in the back corner on the far side from the door. They speak only to each other. The young Kirk on the Moon goes to school with no one. Each of the colonists has […]
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