Henry Szabranski was born in Birmingham, UK, and studied Astronomy & Astrophysics at Newcastle upon Tyne University, graduating with a degree in Theoretical Physics. His fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Diabolical Plots, Kaleidotrope, and Fantasy For Good: A Charitable Anthology, amongst other places. He lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two young sons.


Henry Szabranski has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Angel Pattern

FICTION by Henry Szabranski in Issue 163 – April 2020

The city waited for our approach, crouched upon the valley floor like some vast, decaying predator. Skink, Creeper, and I paused at its edge to check for any signs of the patternmakers, but only whorls of ancient dust and crazed noon shadows greeted us. What seemed from a distance to be elegant domes and spires […]

Witch of the Weave

FICTION by Henry Szabranski in Issue 159 – December 2019

Skink changed direction toward a knot of weave that loomed ahead. She sailed easily between the withies dangling from the tunnel ceiling, moving with a speed and agility I could never hope to match. “Go around,” I protested as I stumbled along the fern-choked floor after her. “It’s easier!” As usual, she ignored me. It […]

The Veilonaut's Dream

FICTION by Henry Szabranski in Issue 143 – August 2018

Sometimes the Discontinuity kinks and curves and flips about as if it is alive. Openings slide along its vast length like undigested morsels down the gullet of a cosmic serpent. Feathery tendrils shoot out, slowly curling up and fading, each a traveling shadow-slice through some theorized higher-dimensional object. But today . . . today the gap weather is […]