Hollis Joel Henry is a writer living in Trinidad and Tobago. Born in the US to Trinbagonian parents, he has spent his life between both countries, giving him a strange accent and even stranger approach to writing. A lover of fantasy, science fiction and horror from early childhood, he later became enthralled by the themes, wit and craftsmanship of Caribbean, Latin American, African and South Asian storytelling. He does his best to reflect these influences in his work.

Currently he is the editor of the official news magazine of The University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus, UWI Today. This is his first published short story, the product of a long journey back.

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FICTION by Hollis Joel Henry in Issue 161 – February 2020

Part I Toozen remembered Auntie Heather, sitting hunched on the sand, retreating under her beach towel. “Auntie, come swim nah,” he’d said that day, still a small boy. But even at that age he could feel the waves of her anxiety and anger lapping up against him. She steupsed like she was peeling skin between […]