Ian McHugh’s first success as a fiction writer was winning the short story contest at the national science fiction convention in his native Australia in 2004. Since then he has sold stories to magazines, webzines, and anthologies in Australia and internationally, and recently achieved a career goal of having his number of published stories overtake his number of birthdays. His first collection, Angel Dust, was shortlisted for the Aurealis Award for Best Collection in 2015.


Ian McHugh has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Baby Eaters

REPRINT FICTION by Ian McHugh in Issue 139 – April 2018

Meychezhek is big, even among badhar-krithkinee, a circumstance exacerbated by the fact that I’m both already nervous and kneeling in anticipation of her entrance. Her skin is purple-black, more textured than human skin. Her head crest, flattened now, is white, banded with orange. Her eyes are red-shot yellow, horizontally slit. When she smiles, her teeth […]
Best Science Fiction of the Year