Jack Schouten was born in Kristiansand, Norway, and was brought up in Surrey. He read Journalism and Creative Writing at Middlesex University London, specializing in science fiction, and his work has appeared in Jupiter Magazine, the North London Literary Gazette, and Shoreline of Infinity. He lives and works in London, and can be reached on Twitter at @JackSchouten.

Jack Schouten has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Sephine and the Leviathan

FICTION by Jack Schouten in Issue 118 – July 2016

CHAPTER 3/6: TRAJECTORY Entombed inside the cannibalized q-cannon, Sephine counts pebbles in her mind. She has had to wrap her filament wings around her to fit inside the narrow cylinder, and when the cannon begins its countdown, starts to rumble, claustrophobia sets in. She reaches sixty-seven pebbles before she feels her wings quiver sharply once, […]