Jacques Barcia is a weird fiction writer and technology reporter from Recife, Brazil. A non-practicing atheist, he likes to engage in theological fights with random people in the streets. He holds a professional record of 33-1-1. He can’t defeat his wife, nor his three-year-old daughter. When he’s not writing or blaspheming, he serves as the lead growler of grindcore band Rabujos.


Jacques Barcia has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Salvaging Gods

FICTION by Jacques Barcia in Issue 49 – October 2010

Gorette found her second godhead buried under piles of plastic bottles, holy symbols, used toilet paper and the severed face of an avatar. No matter how much the scavengers asked, the people from Theodora just wouldn’t separate organic from non-biodegradable, from divine garbage. They threw out their used-up gods along with what was left of […]
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