James Castles is Head of Special Projects at Who Gives A Crap; a toilet paper company that donates half of its profits to fund access to sanitation and clean water for people in need. Born in Melbourne, Australia, he has lived in six countries, including the USA, Singapore and Ireland. He currently lives in Colchester, UK with his husband. This is his first published story.

James Castles has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Silo, Sweet Silo

FICTION by James Castles in Issue 197 – February 2023

A silo is a good home. It is snug, secure, and shielded. It maintains optimal temperature and humidity. The walls are all perfectly equidistant from my fuselage. This pleases me. A silo is a good home. But it is wrong that it is still my home. I failed. My siblings soared, while all I did […]