Jana Bianchi is a Brazilian writer, translator, editor at Mafagafo magazine, cohostess of the Curta Ficcao writing podcast, and one of the organizers of Relampeio Festival and FutureCon. During the full moon, she volunteers as a werewolf walker (unless she’s piloting her X-Wing).

Her fiction has appeared, in Portuguese, in several Brazilian collections and magazines. Her novella Lobo de Rua was published in 2016. Jana’s nonfiction has been published at Strange Horizons. She lives in the countryside of Sao Paulo with her parents, uma familia de mafagafos, two dogs, and her many animated tattoos. Find her online at @janapbianchi on Twitter/Instagram.


Jana Bianchi has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Death Is for Those Who Die

FICTION by Jana Bianchi in Issue 170 – November 2020

It took me more than ninety years to admit it, Mãe, but you’re right: my tattoos are fading. I mean, the ones I made when I was a teenager, long before any bio-tailored inks or whatever other fancy stuff the youngsters use nowadays. Their colors are almost gone, just like you said they would be […]