Jason B. Jones teaches Victorian literature at Central Connecticut State University, in New Britain. His interviews and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in such venues as PopMatters, BoldType, the Kenyon Review Online, and Bookslut. His website is The Salt-Box.


Jason B. Jones has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

An Interview with Richard K. Morgan

INTERVIEW by Jason B. Jones in Issue 24 – September 2008

Richard K. Morgan is the bestselling author of Altered Carbon (2002, 2006), Broken Angels (2003, 2007), Market Forces (2005), Woken Furies (2005, 2007), Black Man (UK) / Thirteen (US, 2007), and The Steel Remains (UK 2008). In 2008, Black Man received the Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction. Black Man/Thirteen explores the concept of […]
Best Science Fiction of the Year
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