Jeremy L. C. Jones is a freelance writer, editor, and teacher. He is the Staff Interviewer for Clarkesworld Magazine and a frequent contributor to Kobold Quarterly and He teaches at Wofford College and Montessori Academy in Spartanburg, SC. He is also the director of Shared Worlds, a creative writing and world-building camp for teenagers that he and Jeff VanderMeer designed in 2006. Jones lives in Upstate South Carolina with his wife, daughter, and flying poodle.


Jeremy L. C. Jones has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

If It Scares You, Write It: A Conversation with Nnedi Okorafor

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 39 – December 2009

Nnedi Okorafor is the award-winning author of Zahrah the Windseeker, The Shadow Seeker, and Long Juju Man. Her writing is beautiful, relentlessly weird, and utterly engrossing. “I enjoy nonsense and weirdness,” Okorafor said. “Carnivorous hummingbirds, for example. An enormous wormlike creature moving beneath the sands who is obsessed with the number ten, not the typical […]

Keeping Ahead of the Fear: A Conversation with Ken Scholes

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 37 – October 2009

It's hard to believe that Ken Scholes' Lamentation is a first novel. It lacks the rough edges of apprenticeship and resonates with sure-footed and exciting story-telling. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, this fantasy with science-fictional elements (or is it science fiction with fantastical elements?) is the first volume in The Psalms of Isaak quintet. The […]

Long Before They Were Read: Speculative Fiction Book Editors Speak Out, Part 2 of 2

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 35 – August 2009

The first half of this interview appeared in our July issue. Slow openings, rushed endings, point of view shifts, gaps in logic, over-blown language, book editors see it all—even in manuscripts they’ve bought from masters in the field. They also see manuscripts that need little or no work, manuscripts that make them jump up and […]

The Minimal and Finely Focused Fantasy of Ian C. Esslemont

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 35 – August 2009

Ian C. Esslemont has lived in and out of Malaz since 1982. And you can tell. The people breathe, the seas rage, and time stretches far in both directions. Malaz is a big world, a huge world, given life in Esslemont’s novels Night of Knives and Return of the Crimson Guard and in Steven Erikson’s […]

Dirty Hands and Invisible Words: Speculative Fiction Book Editors Speak Out, Part 1 of 2

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 34 – July 2009

Editors are advocates—book advocates. They are champions of the books they edit and the authors they work with. They are, as Chris Schluep of Ballantine/Villard/Del Rey said, “both steward and cheerleader for the book and author.” Below, fourteen book editors talk about what it is that they do. They represent a variety of publishers—from independent […]

Doing Crappy Things to Good Characters: A Conversation with Jim C. Hines

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 34 – July 2009

What do a near-sighted, runt-of-the-litter goblin named Jig and a clear-eyed, big-witted storyteller named Jim have in common? A big heart? Determination? A pet fire-spider named Smudge? Jim C. Hines is the author of Goblin Quest, Goblin Hero, Goblin War, The Stepsister Scheme, and the forthcoming The Mermaid’s Madness (DAW, October 2009). He’s also the […]

The Story Is All: Ten Fiction Editors Talk Shop

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 33 – June 2009

First and foremost, magazine fiction editors are readers who love stories so much that they’ve made a career out of reading them. They have a not-so-simple job: select, prepare, and present the best stories they can to a specific audience. Below, ten of the top speculative fiction magazine editors talk about what they do and […]

What if it All Goes Wrong? A Conversation with Robert V. S. Redick

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 32 – May 2009

Robert V. S. Redick’s The Red Wolf Conspiracy (Del Rey, April 2009) is populated with tarboys, unwilling maidens, mad ship captains, and power hungry sorcerers. Monarchies clash and the lust for power obscures the weighty price of magic. The ocean rages and storm clouds loom. There is conspiracy, treason, and secrecy. Whole empires rest on […]

An Interview with Tobias Buckell

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 30 – March 2009

Like Nashara in Tobias Buckell’s Ragamuffin, readers will be propelled across zero-gravity space by the power of the mini-guns found in Buckell’s first short story collection, Tides from the New Worlds. This collection of nineteen old and new stories does much more than offer a retrospective of a young writer’s career. Certianly, these stories do […]

Anthologists Discuss Their Craft

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 28 – January 2009

Editing anthologies is an unsung art. An anthologist balances story selection, story editing, story arrangement, and central concept (not to mention a variety of clerical and financial concerns). There are many individual pieces involved in the process, requiring practicality as well as intuition. The anthologist, as Jeff VanderMeer says below, must be “ambitious and grounded.” […]

To Believe the Magic Is Real: A Conversation with Ed Greenwood

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 27 – December 2008

Ed Greenwood wanders the floor at GenCon 2008 with his arms full of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures. At one of the country’s largest gaming conventions, just about everybody recognizes him as the guy who created the fantasy world The Forgotten Realms. The Canadian library clerk seems unimpressed with how many people stop to shake his […]

An Interview with Gene Wolfe

INTERVIEW by Jeremy L. C. Jones in Issue 23 – August 2008

Gene Wolfe will tell you the truth, in conversation and in fiction, whether you want to hear it or not. He is perhaps best known for his novels set on Urth, including the four-part Book of the New Sun and the four part Book of the Long Sun. He writes fantasy and science fiction, and […]