Justin Howe was born and raised in Massachusetts. His work has appeared in Strange Horizons, Spacesuits & Sixguns, and The Internet Review of Science Fiction. His story “Skillet and Saber” will appear in the anthology Fast Ships, Black Sails available from Night Shade Books in October 2008. He is a graduate of the Odyssey Writers workshop, works for an architectural preservation company in New York City, and belongs to the Homeless Moon.

Justin Howe has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Perfect Sail

FICTION by I-Hyeong Yun, translated by Elisa Sinn and Justin Howe in Issue 160 – January 2020

“You’re dying,” the stranger told Chang. “To tell you the truth, you have less than a week left to live. I advise you to hasten your decision. If you remain here, you will surely dissolve into nothingness.” Suddenly, her Lu plummeted earthward at frightening speed. Chang sat, stupefied. The stars and clouds howled as they […]

National Center for the Preservation of Human Dignity

FICTION by Youha Nam, translated by Elisa Sinn and Justin Howe in Issue 157 – October 2019

At four in the morning the doorbell rang. Outside stood two young men dressed in gray uniforms, uncreased. They appeared almost to be identical to each other, save that the one with a narrower chin was wearing glasses. Taking up my worn-out bag, I followed them down the stairs and outside. The night’s rain had […]

Flowers on My Face

FICTION by Geo-il Bok, translated by Elisa Sinn and Justin Howe in Issue 154 – July 2019

1 I carefully sat down on the plastic tarp covering the flat rock and sighed. Since my transfer to Flake Station, I’d visited this spot whenever I’d gone aboveground alone. It was at the bottom of a steep slope inside a small crater, hidden from others and well-guarded against flying objects. Instinctively, I put my […]

Of Dice and Men: Modern Fantasists and the Influence of Role Playing Games

NON-FICTION by Justin Howe and Jason S. Ridler in Issue 20 – May 2008

“I’d like to throttle Frodo.” Gary Gygax (1938-2008) Take a group of socially awkward souls, a few gallons of Mountain Dew, a bag full of funny-looking dice, some sheets of paper, a rulebook or ten, add an argument about vorpal blades and Umber Hulks, and you have a scene that likely strikes a chord with […]