Kali Wallace studied geology and geophysics before she realized she enjoyed inventing imaginary worlds more than she liked researching the real one. She is the author of the young adult horror novel Shallow Graves (HarperCollins) and several science fiction and fantasy short stories.


Kali Wallace has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

First Light at Mistaken Point

FICTION by Kali Wallace in Issue 119 – August 2016

A low mist clung to the river and laced through the trees, thinning as dawn washed the forest from gray to gold to green. The road dipped into a hollow, lifted again into sunlight. Charlie was reaching for her sunglasses when her phone rang. She started, fumbled through her purse, but by the time she […]

Fatima's Wound

FICTION by Kali Wallace in Issue 99 – December 2014

Second Counselor Azo is the last to leave. As Fatima seals her into a silver coffin, Azo asks, “Will you follow?” The decades fade from her face, the lines soften, and she is young again, as frightened and uncertain as when she came to the prison as a novice. Fatima smoothes a curl of hair […]

Water in Springtime

FICTION by Kali Wallace in Issue 91 – April 2014

I woke in the darkness. My mother was leaning over me. “We have to leave,” she said. Her breath was warm on my face. The scent of dried flowers and wood-smoke drifted after her. She had spent the night by the fire, singing for a young mother and her sickly child. The child had not […]

No Portraits on the Sky

FICTION by Kali Wallace in Issue 79 – April 2013

The stranger fell from the sky just after dawn. Rela heard the snap of branches and looked up. The sun was rising in a gray haze beyond the forest’s eastern edge, and the mist was retreating from the aerie. In the canopy above, a dark figure tumbled through the fog, bouncing from branches and whipping […]
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