Karen Heuler’s stories appear in literary, fantasy, and science fiction magazines regularly and have won various awards, including an O. Henry. Her 2014 novel, Glorious Plague, was about a strangely beautiful apocalypse, and her second story collection, The Inner City, was chosen as one of the best books of 2013 by Publishers Weekly.


Karen Heuler has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Egg Island

FICTION by Karen Heuler in Issue 109 – October 2015

Audra Donchell’s right arm was 3D-printed; she’d lost the original in a scooter crash when she was a teenager. That was years ago; she had a number of arms she could take off and put on; she could remodel them and change their color. A different color for every day. All the parts worked smoothly; […]

The Completely Rechargeable Man

FICTION by Karen Heuler in Issue 27 – December 2008

He was introduced as Johnny Volts, and most guests assumed he was a charlatan—the hostess, after all, was immensely gullible. But some of the guests had seen him before, and they said he was good, lots of fun, very “current”—a joke that got more mileage than it should have. “Do you need any kind of […]