Kate Osias believes that love, chocolate and the right kind of madness can save the world. She has won four Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, the Gig Book Contest, Canvas Story Writing Contest, the 10th Romeo Forbes Children’s Storywriting Competition, and the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards. Her work has been cited by Publisher’s Weekly and the Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction.

She has been published locally, online and abroad, and has coedited the sixth, seventh and eleventh volumes of Philippine Speculative Fiction.

Kate Osias has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The James Machine

FICTION by Kate Osias in Issue 142 – July 2018

Ten Natural Cancer Treatments Proven to Cure Cancer James first brought it up when the war was new and he and Cat still thought they could win it. It was a joke, and they laughed, because it was not impossible—after all, they’d made a dead poet write again, hadn’t they?—but the scope of it was […]