Kathe Koja’s seventeen novels include The Cipher, Skin, Buddha Boy, Headlong, and the Under the Poppy trilogy. Christopher Wild, a novel of Christopher Marlowe, was published in 2017. She leads a performing ensemble, nerve, based in Detroit, where she lives with her husband, artist Rick Lieder.

Kathe Koja has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

KIT: Some Assembly Required

REPRINT FICTION by Kathe Koja and Carter Scholz in Issue 139 – April 2018

The atheist awoke in the machine. Body had he none. Merely a consciousness, who even dead, yet hath his mind entire. A good line, that. Where did it come from? Around him was a sort of prison of flat light, was it light? Prison, because he could not move out of it. A Marshalsea, a […]