Keith Phipps is a Chicago-based writer and editor specializing in pop culture. From 1996 until 2012 he worked for The A.V. Club, serving as its editor from 2004 until his departure. Keith’s work has appeared in Slate, The Atlantic, The Village Voice, L.A. Weekly, The Daily Beast, Vulture, Time Out Chicago, Time Out New York and other publications. He can be found on Twitter at @kphipps3000.


Keith Phipps has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Videodrome at Thirty

NON-FICTION by Keith Phipps in Issue 78 – March 2013

“A lot of people have thought of this film as very prophetic. I myself have never been interested in being a prophet of any kind. [ . . . ] But when your antennae are out there waving in the breeze and you allow them to develop because you think of yourself as an artist, you will undoubtedly pick […]