Kelly Barnhill’s work has appeared in Postscripts, Weird Tales, Fantasy, The Sun, Sybil’s Garage and other publications. She also writes high-interest nonfiction books for children (the fact that she has written books about sea monsters, sewer systems, eyeless salamanders and pee, has made her very popular at children’s parties). Her first novel The Mostly True Story Of Jack, a middle grade fantasy set in rural Iowa (a lonely boy, and avenging girl, a mysterious house, two possibly murderous cats, a remarkable skateboard, and a nasty bit of magic) will be released next summer by Little, Brown. She is, by all accounts, ridiculously excited about it. She is a former schoolteacher, a former bartender, a former janitor, a former receptionist, a former park ranger, a former wildland firefighter, and a former waitress. The sum of these experiences have prepared her for nothing—save freelance writing, which she has been happily doing for the past six years. She lives in Minneapolis with her brilliant husband, her three evil-genius children, and her emotionally unstable dog.


Kelly Barnhill has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Taxidermist's Other Wife

FICTION by Kelly Barnhill in Issue 51 – December 2010

1. Not one of us has ever stepped inside the Taxidermist’s house. We have no need to do so. We already know what we’ll find. 2. The Taxidermist has a mounted Howler Monkey in his office. Its mouth is open, lips curled outward like the rim of a trumpet. Its head is cocked sweetly to […]