Ken Scholes’s quirky, speculative short fiction has been showing up over the last eight years in publications like Clarkesworld, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales and Writers of the Future Volume XXI.

Ken’s first novel, Lamentation, debuts from Tor in February 2009. It is the first of five volumes in the Psalms of Isaak series. The second, Canticle, is in production for an October 2009 publication. Ken’s first short story collection, Long Walks, Last Flights and Other Strange Journeys, is available from Fairwood Press.

Ken lives near Portland, Oregon, with his amazing wonder-wife Jen West Scholes. He invites folks to look him up through his website.


Ken Scholes has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Second Gift Given

FICTION by Ken Scholes in Issue 29 – February 2009

Go-on-all-fours-sometimes-upright tracked the three-horn spoor alone. He moved along the ridge in the red of the day when the Greater Light swallowed the sky and heat danced over stone. Below, the big waters licked at the land. In the days when he was young, Go-on-all-fours remembered eating swimmers the People used to pierce in the […]

Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky

FICTION by Ken Scholes in Issue 14 – November 2007

Life is marked by intersections and measured by the choices we make at each pause in our journey. I am fortunate to have made a good choice at the right time but more than that, many before me did the same and so the stones were set in the path long before the day of […]
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