Kij Johnson is the author of several novels, including The Fox Woman and Fudoki, and a short story collection, At the Mouth of the River of Bees. She is a three-time winner of the Nebula Award, and has also won the Hugo, World Fantasy, Sturgeon, and Crawford Awards. In the past she has worked in publishing, edited cryptic crosswords, waitressed in a strip bar, identified Napa cabernets by winery and year while blindfolded, and climbed an occasional V-5. These days, she teaches at the University of Kansas, where she is associate director for the Center for the Study of Science Fiction.


Kij Johnson has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss

REPRINT FICTION by Kij Johnson in Issue 150 – March 2019

1. Aimee’s big trick is that she makes 26 monkeys vanish on stage. 2. She pushes out a claw-foot bathtub and asks audience members to come up and inspect it. The people climb in and look underneath, touch the white enamel, run their hands along the little lion’s feet. When they’re done, four chains are […]

The Privilege of the Happy Ending

FICTION by Kij Johnson in Issue 143 – August 2018

This is a story that ends as all stories do, eventually, in deaths. When Ada’s parents died in the winter of her sixth year, she was sent to the neighboring parish to live with her aunt, Marjory. Marjory was a widow with three daughters, all older than Ada; and their names were Cruelty, Spite, and […]

Tool-Using Mimics

FICTION by Kij Johnson in Issue 138 – March 2018

Art (“Ukulele Squid Girl”) by Laura Christensen. The simplest explanation: Here is a picture. It is a girl, six? Seven? The 1930s, to guess by the pattern on the smocked dress she is wearing, the background of the dark studio. She is smiling and holding her hands above her head. She has short chestnut curls. […]

Coyote Invents the Land of the Dead

FICTION by Kij Johnson in Issue 114 – March 2016

She was there, that is Dee, and her three sisters, who were Tierce, Chena, and Wren, Dee being a coyote or rather Coyote, and her sisters not unlike in their Being, though only a falcon, a dog, and a wren. So there they stood on the cliff, making their minds how to get down to […]

The Apartment Dweller's Bestiary

FICTION by Kij Johnson in Issue 100 – January 2015

The Aincolo You’re showing your boyfriend what to put in a smoothie and you open a cupboard because he told you that he had toasted coconut somewhere and you figure sure, coconut, why not; and that’s where his aincolo is: squatting in the yellow serving bowl his mom gave him last year for Christmas. That’s […]

Spar (The Bacon Remix)

REPRINT FICTION by Kij Johnson in Issue 79 – April 2014

[Editor’s note: In 2009, we published Kij Johnson's Nebula Award-winning story, “Spar.” In 2013, she contributed this alternate version of the story to John Ordover’s BACONTHOLOGY, a bacon-themed charity anthology aimed at raising money for children with autism. We present this story for your April amusement and hope that you will consider supporting John’s cause. […]

Mantis Wives

FICTION by Kij Johnson in Issue 71 – August 2012

“As for the insects, their lives are sustained only by intricate processes of fantastic horror.” —John Wyndham. Eventually, the mantis women discovered that killing their husbands was not inseparable from the getting of young. Before this, a wife devoured her lover piece by piece during the act of coition: the head (and its shining eyes […]


FICTION by Kij Johnson in Issue 37 – October 2009

In the tiny lifeboat, she and the alien fuck endlessly, relentlessly. They each have Ins and Outs. Her Ins are the usual, eyes ears nostrils mouth cunt ass. Her Outs are also the common ones: fingers and hands and feet and tongue. Arms. Legs. Things that can be thrust into other things. The alien is […]