Koji A. Dae is a queer American writer living long-term in Bulgaria with her husband and two kids. She writes dark speculative fiction and poetry that focuses on mental health, family and non-traditional relationships. Her work has been published in Daily Science Fiction and Zooscape, among others. She fuels her writing with blues retreats, alternative-living festivals, and as much time in nature as possible.


Koji A. Dae has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Uncurling of Samsara

FICTION by Koji A. Dae in Issue 184 – January 2022

Day 1 Mother prints the ceremonial wheat berry pudding. I want to cook it the traditional way, but Mother insists it takes too many resources to print the ingredients separately, and the Samsara isn’t equipped for cooking. I know all this, but it’s for Gram. What I should have done was finish the recipe Gram […]