Since an early age, Kola has loved to put the words and people from his imagination straight into the word processor. He currently resides in Durham, North Carolina and attends the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Kola is working on expanding and developing his fictional setting, along with completing the first draft of his novel. He also enjoys the posthuman ascendance struggle, like the rest of us. This is his first published story.

Kola Heyward-Rotimi has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Father

FICTION by Kola Heyward-Rotimi in Issue 109 – October 2015

Madhav Tamboli almost missed the vein. It was hard to inject the antidote while surrounded by his praying colleagues. He tried to blend with the others, rocking with the noise of the priest at the altar. Madhav punctured his skin and gasped; the chemicals crawled from the needle through his blood vessels. It was a […]