Kyle currently lives in, writes about, and wanders across Michigan’s bountiful lakes and forests. His fiction has previously appeared in 3-Lobed Burning Eye, See the Elephant, and Thoreau on Mackinac. He currently works as a stablehand for a small barn in Ann Arbor where he tries to speak with horses.


Kyle E Miller has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

A System for Investigating Recapitulation and Evolutionary Novelty

FICTION by Kyle E Miller in Issue 163 – April 2020

When L awakened on her leaf, the photocell beside her head was incandescent with a captured message. The cell held the light that held the meaning. She placed two fingers flat on the golden cell, drew two small circles, and the message opened. Superimposed on a five-second living image of a young woman’s face were […]