Lee Beavington is an award-winning author of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. His novella, “Evolution’s End,” appears in Writers of the Future XXII, and his book Common Plants of Greater Vancouver is a required textbook for both science and arts students. In addition to teaching ecology, cell biology and genetics in the biology lab at Kwantlen University, he also served as primary photography for three of Lone Pine’s nature books, including Wild Berries of British Columbia. His Master’s thesis explores the intersection of creative process, nature experience, storytelling and transformational change.


Lee Beavington has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Druids Reconstructed

NON-FICTION by Lee Beavington in Issue 87 – December 2013

Stonehenge rises like a crown above the horizon, ancient four-tonne bluestones fixed in a sacramental circle. The cryptic monument’s sudden appearance through the windshield is seductive. Alone with these noble rocks, one’s mind turns to ritual and rite, and druids. From Merlin and Terry Brooks to World of Warcraft and the neo-druids celebrating solstice at […]
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