Leigh Kennedy grew up in Denver and began writing in the nurturing atmosphere of the Northern Colorado Writer’s Workshop. “Her Furry Face” was written during the five years she lived in Austin, Texas, before heading to England, where she’s now lived for nearly thirty years. Her novels include The Journal of Nicholas the American and Saint Hiroshima, and a short-story collection, Faces. Her most recent book is a new collection, Wind Angles. She has two grown children, plays the viola socially, and writes very slowly.

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Her Furry Face

REPRINT FICTION by Leigh Kennedy in Issue 96 – September 2014

Douglas was embarrassed when he saw Annie and Vernon mating. He’d seen hours of sex between orangutans, but this time was different. He’d never seen Annie doing it. He stood in the shade of the pecan tree for a moment, iced tea glasses sweating in his hand, shocked, then he backed around the comer of […]