Liang Qingsan, a science fiction writer and researcher of science fiction literature, has won several Chinese Nebula Awards and the Gold Award for Best Short Story at the 10th Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Awards. His research on the edition of The New Stone Chronicle was published in Qing Dynasty Novel Kara. He has published full-length novels Silent Winged Wheel, The New New News: Dark Shadow of the Magic City, Shanghai Girls in the Kitchen, The New News: Rise of Machinery, and Literary Girl Detective.

Liang Qingsan has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Possibly Brief Life of Guang Hansheng

FICTION by Liang Qingsan, translated by Andy Dudak in Issue 188 – May 2022

My discovery of Guang Hansheng was probably down to random chance, in the end. It was a rainy afternoon, and I was headed for the library, striding across wet asphalt and feeling dizzy. Inside they were hosting a quiet, desolate little exhibition—just a few exhibits and a drowsy admin under bright stage lighting. Of course, […]