Linda Nagata is a Nebula and Locus-award-winning author. She’s spent most of her life in Hawaii, where she’s been a writer, a mom, and a programmer of database-driven websites. She lives with her husband in their long-time home on the island of Maui.
Her most recent work is The Red trilogy, a series of near-future military thrillers published by Saga Press/Simon & Schuster. The first book in the trilogy, The Red: First Light, was named as a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2015. “Nahiku West” marked her return to writing short fiction after a twelve-year hiatus. It’s set in the story world of her Nanotech Succession novels, and looks at the early life of a minor character from her novel, The Bohr Maker. The story was runner up for the 2013 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award.


Linda Nagata has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

Nahiku West

REPRINT FICTION by Linda Nagata in Issue 118 – July 2016

A railcar was ferrying Key Lu across the tether linking Nahiku East and West when a micrometeor popped through the car’s canopy, leaving two neat holes that vented the cabin to hard vacuum within seconds. The car continued on the track, but it took over a minute for it to reach the gel lock at […]
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