Liu Yang has a PhD in physics and is a professor at Xi’an University of Technology. Since his first short story in 2012, he has published over 30,000 words of short stories in magazines such as Sci-fi World, and ZUI Found, in addition to his 2015 short story collection A Perfect Doomsday. Additionally, Liu is a prolific author of sci-fi essays, with a regular column in Non-Exist.

Liu Yang has the following works available at Clarkesworld:

The Opposite and the Adjacent

FICTION by Liu Yang, translated by Nick Stember in Issue 120 – September 2016

Just like that the lonely ship appeared before us: an enormous ovoid, scarred with great cracks and fissures, as if having given way under the awesome power of some great unknown force. Despite having long since lost all means of propulsion, inertia and gravity had conspired to carry it within range of our observation station […]